Viper Cruiser Owners and Builders

This is small selection of owner/builders that have successfully build and operated a Viper Cruiser.

Viper Cruiser owners and builders are welcome to add their story here.
Builder: Deon Birchmeier
Area: Victoria. Australia.

Deon was the first builder to use a Subaru EA81 as a substitute for the 503 Rotax. Deon followed the plans and instructions to fit the Subaru, utilizing a 4X fan duct and upper drive unit. As you can see, Deon has handcrafted some rather futuristic shapes to individualize his craft, and to wrap the engine cover around the standard carburetor. Deon also installed a Viper 4X Rescue light bar. This unit has now retired to Queensland.
Owner/builder: Ken Conolly
Area: Queensland. Australia.

Ken followed the plans precisely, which enabled a short construction time. The craft is well presented and is quite within the design weight. It is fitted with a 582UL Rotax and Revtech Rocket fan duct (made by Viper Hovercraft). Ken has operated the craft from Northern Queensland, down to Melbourne.
Owner/builder: Robert Webb
Area: Queensland. Australia.

Robert's Viper Cruiser is fitted with 582 Rotax power module. Rob also opted for the Viper 4X windshield and elevator system. A very well made unit. Well done Rob.
Builder: Mark Bottomley
Area: New South Wales. Australia.

Mark completed this Viper Cruiser kit in 2008. Mark started building the Cruiser in a single garage and completed it in a hay shed, throughout some of the coldest winters and worst droughts. His craft fitted with the 582 Rotax power module. Very nice craft. It now has pride and place in the NSW club.
Owner/builder: Charles Dixon
Area: Illinois, USA

Charles was the first of our OS builders to complete his craft. His first engine installation was a V Twin bike engine, but he then opted for the Rotax 583. Charles says it fly' Well done
Builder: Jeremy Ludlow
Area: Western Australia.

Jeremy has fabricated a number Viper Cruiser kits all fitted with the Rotax 582.
Builder: Brett Tucker
Area: Queensland.

Brett finished building this kit after the original owner sadly passed away before the build was complete. It is fitted with a 4X 100hp Hirth.
Builder: Les Hoff
Area: Queensland.

Les had this one built by a local fiber glassing firm in Yeppon. It is powered by a 582 Rotax.
Builder: Roy Finlay
Area: Queensland.

Roy built this one with the guidance of Ross McLoud. It is fitted with a 503 Rotax driving the fan via a gearbox. It is fitted with a modified Viper 5 fan duct.
Builder: Graham Pheasant (Fessphoss)
Area: New South Wales.

One of the first Cruiser builds. It is a "extended cruiser". Using a 582 Rotax thrust engine with a 900mm fan. The lift engine is a 277 Rotax driving a 650mm fan.
Builder: T Venema
Area: South Australia

Mr Venema built this one using 2706 Air cooled Hirth. It is has incorporated some Viper Cruiser kit parts with a Turbo style engine frame. It has changed hands many times and the Hirth is no longer fitted.
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