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Nell Fabrication / Viper Hovercraft has served the hovercraft industry and enthusiast since 1991, with extensive knowledge in the construction and maintenance of 1 to 6 person hovercraft.

Our products and services include:

•  Hovercraft, kits, plans and components
•  Composite/Kevlar/Carbon fabrication, modification and repairs
•  Light machining and welding services
•  Hovercraft electrical repairs and rewiring
•  Two and four stroke hovercraft engine servicing and overhauls
•  Second hand Hovercraft and components
•  We also carry out fiberglass repairs to boats, cars, trucks, horse floats and caravans

About the owner - Michael Nell

Michael started his working career in 1980 as a automotive engineer / motor body builder.

He became seriously interested in small hovercraft in 1988. He joined the NSW hovercraft club in 1990 where he took on the role as secretary, organizing club events and producing the club publication, NSW Hovercraft News.

In 1991, He took on the role as secretary of the Australian Hovercraft Federation, co-coordinating national hovercraft racing events, annual national cruise events, producing the AHF publication Australian Hovercraft News and the AHF website. In the same year, He started a small engineering business, Nell fabrication, which also repaired and restored small hovercraft.

In 1995, The Nell Fabrication expanded to produce complete hovercraft and parts for local manufacturers and other assorted industries. The business also carried out fiberglass and composites fabrication and repairs.

In 1997, He started Viper Hovercraft, producing plans and kits for the the Viper Cruiser, and produced the first fiberglass production hovercraft in 2000.

In mid 2002, The business grew to include a second factory combining Viper Hovercraft and Nell Fabrication.

Over a period of 27 years, Nell fabrication and Viper Hovercraft has made Hovercraft, competition surf boats, ridged inflatable surf rescue boats, competition rowing skulls, building facers, Defense force parts, light aircraft parts, vertical take off and landing craft, display stands, and a variety of other parts (too many to mention).

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Other previous work history

For many years, we provided Hovercraft and/or operator hire for all sorts of activities. Because hovercraft are so unique, a hovercraft was a perfect tool for visual entertainment, and to access to areas only a hovercraft can go.

Over my years in the hovercraft industry, I have not only supplied hovercraft for industrial usage, but I have supplied hovercraft for film, television, stunt shows and corporate functions.
Some of our visual entertainment jobs have included Kids shows. Television shows, such as Water Rats and Who dares Wins. We have also supplied hovercraft for corporate functions, major football matches and live shows. We have worked in almost every arena environment around Sydney including the S.C.G., Telstra Stadium and Sydney International Aquatic Center.

Some of our visual entertainment work is detailed below.

Football Pre Match Entertainment

Football pre match entertainment is just one of many live functions' that hovercraft are suited for. We have supplied hovercraft for many AFL and NRL matches, including major grand finals. Pictured here with "Ziggy", the Sydney Swans mascot. I have also been "Ziggy" whilst operating a Hovercraft.

Clarkson Hammond and May Live. All Phones Arena. Sydney

We fabricated and supplied a 5X Hovercraft to the Clarkson, Hammond and May live show at the All Phone Arena in Sydney. Jeremy Clarkson is a fan of hovercraft. Jeremy used our hovercraft to open the Sydney show, and has used hovercraft In previous CHM live shows. It was a privilege to have our Viper hovercraft represent Australia in this way.

War on Water and Stuntmania Stunt Shows. 1999 - 2002. Wonderland Sydney

We supplied a small hovercraft for a stunt show at Sydney's Wonderland, three years running. This was an opportunity to work with the best stunt people in the game. This was not one of my designs, but I did build all three hovercraft used.

The little lake at Wonderland is not very big at all, and with three Jet Skis also in the mix, maneuvering a hovercraft in this tight space was challenging, and challenging to do exactly the same, show after show. I completed a 180 shows in total at this venue.

Water Rats TV Show. Sydney

We supplied a small hovercraft for the filming of a Water Rats TV episode on Sydney waters.

Here, the hovercraft was stolen and chased by the Water Rats team.

Who Dares Wins TV Show. Sydney

We supplied a small hovercraft for the filming of a Who Dares Wins TV episode.

The contestant was dared to thread the needle between two power boats traveling at 80km per hour. The episode finished with the hovercraft crashing into a rock embankment but the contestant was unhurt.

Here we worked closely with H20 Events.

Sydney International Aquatic Center Corporate Shows. Sydney

We supplied small hovercraft for many corporate stunt shows at the Sydney International Aquatic Center.

Here we worked closely with H20 Events.

Santa clause Shows. Sydney

Santa arriving on a hovercraft has always been a popular entertainment for the kids.

Here we worked closely with H20 Events.

Sydney, Adelaide Royal Easter Shows

We have sold hovercraft and provided our operating skills for many Royal Easter Shows for the main evening event entertainment.

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