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Viper 5XS Hovercraft is a five person design which is ideal for fishing and recreational use

The Viper 5XS has a beautiful finish, with well laid out features that provide comfort and safety. It is simply a joy to fly without the need to for full power, or struggling in high winds and large chop.

The Viper 5XS is manufactured using the best techniques, materials and engine choice available. The hull is light, strong and built with localized Kevlar reinforcement to provide additional strength and durability.
The Viper 5XS Hovercraft is a stable floating platform for fishing, diving and retrieving. Our positive buoyancy system ensures an unsinkable Hovercraft, even if it is completely swamped. The practical design offers easy passage to all interior and deck areas.

The Viper 5XS is powered by a fully remanufactured Subaru boxer engine. This engine offers more than adequate performance for up to five persons in most conditions.
Viper 5XS features :
•  Capacity to seat one crew and up to four passengers
•  Enclosed electrical and engine air-intake filtration system
•  Externally vented fuel tank
•  High gloss, marine grade gel coat finish
•  Light weight HP HTD tooth belt drive system
•  Large storage capacity
•  High buoyancy capacity

Construction Detail :
•  Hand laid Vinyl Ester/CSM/woven cloth Foam composite hull and components with localized Kevlar reinforcement
•  High performance, chemical resistant, marine grade gel coat
•  Carbon Fiber Dash
•  Carbon Fiber rudders, elevators and flow vanes
•  Colors - White, Central Blue, Safety yellow, Signal red, Chrome green and more

Standard attachments :
•  Forward and rear deck cleats
•  Forward tow point
•  Gunwale to provide Impact protection
•  Elevator trim system
•  Flow straighteners
•  Front and rear fan nose cones
•  Bilge pump (500gph)
•  Orange strobe light
•  Cockpit hand rails
•  Deck and floor anti-slip finish
•  Quality coated nylon skirting

Dash components :
•  Tachometer / Hour meter
•  Fuel level gauge
•  Voltmeter
•  Water temperature gauge
•  12 Volt external outlet

Standard inclusions :
•  Operator manual and log book
•  15 spare skirt segments
•  Spare ignition key

Options :
•  Forward compartments
•  Navigation lights
•  VHF marine radio
•  Oil pressure gauge
•  GPS Speedometer
Viper 5XS Series Hovercraft
Engine :
•  Serviced and machined Subaru engine block case
•  Serviced and machined Subaru turbo crankshaft
•  New Subaru connecting rods
•  New Subaru revised low oil consumption pistons
•  New revised ACL engine bearings
•  New revised multi-layer high-strength head gaskets
•  New genuine Subaru water pump
•  New Subaru timing belt including idler bearing kit and timing belt tensioner
•  New Subaru timing case covers
•  Inspected and serviced Subaru oil pump
•  New Subaru upgraded engine oil sump
•  Completely reconditioned cylinder heads
•  Assembled using genuine Subaru seals, O-rings and sealing compounds
•  Serviced fuel injectors
•  Serviced intake manifold and throttle body
•  New or serviced Subaru sensors
•  Fully reconditioned or new alternator
•  New Gates alternator belt
•  New or reconditioned starter motor
•  New high performance radiator
•  New silicon radiator hoses
•  New custom made headers
•  New stainless steel muffler assembly
General Viper 5XS (ask for 5XSR spec)
Seating 1 crew, 4 passengers
Length 4.6m (15 ft)
Width 2.2m (7.2 ft)
Height 1.5m (4.9 ft)
Weight 380kg (837 lb)
Payload 450kg (992 lb)
Hover height (avg) 240mm (0.78 ft)
Positive Buoyancy 850kg (1,873 lb)
Fuel capacity 40 L (10.5 gal)
Speed - smooth water 80kph + (43 knot)
Speed - ice 110kph + (59 knot)
Ideal Cruise speed 30 - 60kph (16 - 32 knot)
Endurance 4.5 - 5 hours (9L a/h avg)
Noise 72db @ 30m

Engine Viper 5XS
Model EJ20 Phase 2 Subaru
Capacity 1994cc
Type Two single overhead cams, Multi point fuel injection, water-cooled, four cylinder, four-stroke boxer
Power 92 kW (125 hp) @ 5,600 rpm
Fuel 91 - 98 Octane unleaded
Starting Electric starter
Generator 12V DC 80amp = 960w
Recommended overhaul 2000 hours
Drive system HTD Tooth belt
Propulsion Integrated thrust and lift

Viper 5XS Hovercraft
Viper 5XS Hovercraft
Viper 5XS Hovercraft
Viper 5XS Hovercraft
Viper 5XS Hovercraft
Viper 5XS Hovercraft
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