September, 2013

NEWS | Viper Hovercraft has moved to Goulburn (Kingsdale) N.S.W.

Not a over night decision, but one made for both personal and situational reasons.

Our factory's, which were located at the southern end of South Nowra, NSW on the Princess Hwy for 18 years, were in a perfect position, 18 years ago. However, progress and highway frontage meant that access became near impossible during the holiday seasons.

Eventually, this led us to make the final push to move inland to our home town of Goulburn, to a small property on the city outskirts, just off the main highway that links Sydney to Canberra and Melbourne.

Here, I have been able to pursue my personal interests and hovercraft development equally, while still serving our customers.

Those who have visited the new works can certainly appreciate the more relaxed and suitable environment.
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