September, 2014

NEWS | Fire Rescue services training in Taiwan

Back to Taiwan after many years and It was good to see some old and new faces in the Taiwan National Rescue Association team. These members are a eager to learn and are not scared to push the hovercraft to the limits.

It was interesting to see some of the older rescue units that were supplied 17 years ago, still in service. The anticipated commission life was only to be three years based on other makes used prior to the introduction of Viper Hovercraft.

Taiwan has seen some of the most horrific natural devastation. The area is prone to earth quakes as it sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire. One of the worst earth quakes in 1999 killed thousands of people.

Taiwan also sees it fair share of typhoons, sometimes hitting the country as much as three to four times a year. One of the deadliest typhoons ever, Marakot, killed over 650 people. With Typhoons comes rain. Huge amounts of rain, sometimes up 600mm in under 11 hours. This leads to power outages, major flooding and mudslides. Streets turn into rivers.
Taiwan Rescue Hovercraft
Taiwan Rescue Hovercraft
Taiwan Rescue Hovercraft
Taiwan Rescue Hovercraft

Michael Nell with some of the dedicated Taiwan National Rescue Association team

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