March, 2012

NEWS | Viper Hovercraft releases a new Rescue model

Following on from the Viper 5X Rescue, our new Viper R5X Rescue Hovercraft was designed specifically for more demanding conditions.

The rescue teams asked for a design that could not only perform just as the 5X, but could be used in high swell and rough water without any concerns of rolling over. Also, they needed a design that could effectively be a floating life raft.

By utilizing the existing Viper 5X Rescue hull, we incorporated pontoons to ensure the craft remains in a level floating position in high swell, or when the craft is retrieving heavy people or equipment from the sides.

One of the main benefits of the 5X design, was the ability to stand and lean over the deck, so it was a challenge to still have this ability with the R5X design.

The R5X still retains all the features of the 5X, but many other improvements were made to the R5X which will also be adopted in future 5X models.
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