January, 2017

NEWS | Viper Hovercraft releases a new 5XR Model

Viper Hovercraft

New Viper carbon fiber 5XR Hovercraft

The new Viper 5XR hovercraft has all the expected Carbon Fiber Composite features expected on such a high end design. Every aspect of the construction and fit out is given very special attention.

The noticeable inclusion to this model is the carbon fiber over duct light molding which doubles as a muffler guard. This molding was first developed back 2013 to increase duct inlet efficiency, reduce fan noise and allow lighting fixtures. The exhaust guard was naturally adopted into the shape. The shape was extensively tested on a 5XC to ensure it did not impede the performance in any way or form. We had no major expectations other than a provision for lighting, but we were very impressed overall performance of the design.

The lower hull and deck on the 5XR is a vacuum formed Kevlar / Carbon / foam composite using epoxy resin. The remainder is all Carbon Fiber. What does not have a Gel Coat finish, is exposed Carbon, Kevlar or Carbon / Kevlar hybrid weave.

A Viper 5XR weighs 265kg +/- 5kg, around 15kg lighter than a 5X. This may not seem a lot of weight difference, but our main focus was to make a strong and durable hull.

The engine is a 100hp Hirth 3701VS powering a 8 blade fan via a lightened HTD Flex drive producing 140kg of thrust. This is almost 50kg greater than other makes using the same horse power, and a standard performance level for the 5X series. We had hoped to fit a oil injected, EFI, 3701ES Hirth engine, but the owner wanted to venture into very remote areas, so an executive decision was made to keep moving and electrical parts to a minimum.

The 5X series feels comfortable, light and nimble to fly. It will handle being fully loaded with a minimal amount of power. It is happy cruising along with 5 persons at 50km - 60km into a head wind and chop with 2,000rpm to spare. The 5XR feels better again, with improved steering, throttle response and maneuverability.
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