December, 2016

NEWS | Making history on Lake George

Viper hovercraft Lake George

Marc Calwell and Michael Nell, the first to fly hovercraft on Lake George, N.S.W. Australia

Viper 4 owner Marc Calwell and myself, on a Viper 5XR, flew off on a scouting mission to explore Lake George on the 18th of December, 2016.

Lake George has rarely seen recreational boating in modern times. As Tim the Yowie Man accounts in his new series, The Mysteries of Lake George, " Over the years, Lake George, located just 50km north Canberra, Australia's capital city, has seen a diverse range of watercraft guide across its surface. Be it Paddle Steamers, or house boats in the late 1800s, to yachts and even jet boats towing water-skiers in the 1960`s, this occasional body of water has a long history of attracting curious explorers.";

By the end of 2016, the lake was at full capacity after being bone dry for over 30 years.

The lake is surrounded by private land and lease holders. There are no public ramps in which to launch from, so we had to negotiate access with a private land owner.

The lake is best described as milk pond. If you ever venture out onto it, allow at least a day afterwards to clean the white silt off the craft.
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