March, 2001

NEWS | First Viper 4X Rescue tested in Taiwan

In late 2000, Viper Hovercraft was invited to Taiwan to evaluate the possibility of producing a small rescue hovercraft for use by the National Rescue Association. On our return, we received a order for one unit to be built within three months

The first 4X rescue hovercraft was produced and arrived in Taiwan for testing mid February of 2001.

Upon arrival at the testing grounds, I was informed by my agent that there was a mistake on technical data sheet when translated from AU metric system to Chinese US system of measurement. The stated maximum payload was written as 650kg, not 400kg as per the specifications. Nevertheless, we were off to a adventurous start as my agent prayed for success. I felt confident that 650kg would not be a problem.

The first few testing procedures were quite simple enough. The craft was measured, weighed and put through several manoeuvring tests. It was operated with four persons through swift water and climbed a 4m high 45 degree embankment shocking those who witnessed it.

Next was the payload capacity test which was conducted over water by carrying 6 persons, several containers of water and a full tank of fuel. The skirt pressure was enough to break several cable ties attaching the skirts. This was followed by the flotation test with the same payload. Get up over hump, with fingers crossed was successful.

Day 2 progressed quite well with crew training and ended with a joyful cruise for the county purchasing officers.
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